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Indigenous of the North is an Aboriginal American family owned business operated  under the authority of The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA).

What we do?

What we do?

We provide the community with up to date information, documentation and more concerning The Aboriginal Republic of North America (also known as ARNA). We support and advocate Human rights for Indigenous Peoples (Nationals) and assist in addressing the lawful identity of African Americans.

What is ARNA?

The acronym ARNA stands for the Aboriginal Republic of North America aka The International Indigenous Society. The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA) is an Indigenous Government that serves the first nation Indigenous Peoples of North America. The Aboriginal Nationals of the Aboriginal Republic of North America is the Indigenous Government in North America carrying out the national and International political objectives of or government. A.R.N.A is composed of an Aboriginal Government specifically on the continent of Amaxum [North America] 8 Aboriginal Regions that comprise our Indigenous Government. All of the 8 Regions comprise the original klans/tribes that are the oldest Indigenous peoples on the North American Continent.

What is the Indigenous Political Authority?

The IPA (Indigenous Political Authority) was created by the Jurist Council of the Aboriginal Republic of North America with Dr Amaru Namaa Taga Xi Ali Muhammad as the lead jurist. IPA and the IPPP was created because our people need a NEW politics, one rooted is a specific focus on OUR issues. We often get drowned out by minorities seeking remedies who USE US and leave our communities desolate. It is Our job to address Our issues, the IPA is also working to document and address the human rights abuses of the United States its States courts law enforcement financial agents etc against the Indigenous African American Community and to respond by following International Protocols for redress and remedy.

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Indigenous of the North E-Learning

Learn from certified ARNA instructors and others.

Learn useful skills in a few hours or short weeks that can benefit you for the rest of your life, on a platform that is design for you to use on any device.

Featured Course

Become a Level 1 Jurist of ARNA

Certify Aboriginal Jurists become law professionals in The Aboriginal of North America (ARNA) indigenous jurisdiction and protect Indigenous Nationals of ARNA who are also US Nationals from adverse actions from adverse legal fictions posing as governmental structure and more.


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