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Indigenous of the North

The background check is to confirm eligibility to join The Aboriginal Republic of North America aka Xi-Amaru Tribal Government/IPA. Completing the background check means the necessary screening was done to confirm your eligibility to become a tribal member of the Xi-Amaru Tribal Government through the nationalizing process. This process is for the individuals who went through genocide and denationalization here in North America, these people have been misnomer African American, Black among other names. One of the exceptions in some circumstances individuals who are original people who reside in the United States of America and are married to an ARNA national may also  be eligible to join; must still complete a background check. Disclaimer: This is NOT an in-depth search where family history information will be provided.

What does the background check consist of?

It is a questionnaire asking questions concerning oneself, parents and grandparents. Our team is looking for jus soli connections, jus sanguinis connections and if one is connected to the people who went through genocide and denationalization in the land mass known as America. 

Do all family members have to complete a background check or just one person?

Anyone who at the time of birth parent(s) was not an ARNA national must conduct a background check, regardless if parents background check came back being of lineage of the Xi-Amaru with positive results and vise versa.

Results came back positive; now what?

This is great news, it means you are unofficially a tribal member. To make it official one must go through ARNA nationalizing process.

Step by step process

  1. Submit payment
  2. Complete questionnaire
  3. Wait for results of finding to be emailed to you. Email will be from genealogy@indigenousofthenorth.com.

If results come back positive you can start the process to become an official tribal member. Those who join have dual nationality; ARNA National and US National. The nationalizing process is to allow misnomer African American aka Black people the  opportunity to address their political identity. Once the nationalizing process is complete one is considered an Aboriginal/Indigenous American. In the case you are not eligible you will receive a denial email.

Genealogy Background Check

This process is a genealogy and criminal background check in one. If you pay for a genealogy background check there is no need to pay for a criminal background check unless for whatever reason you are instructed to by a team member. Click the button to initiate the process.Click the button below to initiate the process. If any issues arise you can email us at

Criminal Background Check

If and individual would only be eligible and interested in becoming an IPA National a genealogy background check would not be necessary, but the individual would indeed be required to under go a  criminal background. Click the button below to initiate the process. If any issues arise you can email us at order@indigenousofthenorth.com or call (201)-630-7020.


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