The Aboriginal Republic of North America

Our current National Chief is Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Ali Muhammad.

The acronym ARNA stands for the Aboriginal Republic of North America aka The International Indigenous Society.

The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA) is an Indigenous Government that serves the first nation Indigenous Peoples of North America. The Aboriginal Nationals of the Aboriginal Republic of North America is the Indigenous Government in North America carrying out the national and International political objectives of or government. 


A.R.N.A is composed of an Aboriginal Government specifically on the continent of Amaxum [North America] 8 Aboriginal Regions that comprise our Indigenous Government. All of the 8 Regions comprise the original klans/tribes that are the oldest Indigenous peoples on the North American Continent. This fact is based on a prolonged study of ARNA anthropologists studying the ancient epigraphy, glyphs, oral traditions, and cultures of the Aboriginal Black peoples of Ancient North America.

Regional Jurisdiction

Corporate Jurisdictions – States of: Maine Inc., New Hampshire Inc., Massachusetts Inc., Rhode Island Inc., Vermont
Inc., New York Inc., Connecticut Inc., Pennsylvania Inc., New Jersey Inc., Delaware Inc.

Corporate Jurisdictions – States of Maryland Inc., Virginia Inc., West Virginia Inc., North Carolina Inc.

Corporate Jurisdictions: States of – South Carolina Inc., Georgia Inc

Corporate Jurisdictions – States of – Kansas Inc., Nebraska Inc., Colorado Inc., South Dakota Inc., North Dakota Inc.,
Wyoming Inc., Montana Inc.

Corporate Jurisdictions: States of – Tennessee Inc., Ohio Inc., Kentucky Inc., Michigan Inc., Indiana Inc, Wisconsin
Inc., Illinois Inc., Missouri Inc., Iowa Inc., Minnesota Inc.,

Corporate Jurisdiction – States of – Texas Inc., Arkansas Inc., Oklahoma Inc.,

Corporate Jurisdictions – States of – New Mexico Inc., California Inc., Arizona Inc., Utah Inc., Nevada Inc., Idaho Inc.,
Oregon Inc., Washington Inc.

The Aboriginal Republic of North America Governing Ministerial Councils

The Aboriginal Republic of North America consists of 12 Ministerial Governing Ministerial Councils that service all aspects of governance for ‘A.R.N.A.’.

12 Ministerial Councils
  1. Executive Ministry- CEM of International Association
  2. Ministry of New Age Technology and Science
  3. Ministry of Cosmology –Spirituality
  4. Ministry of Defense & Intelligence
  5. Ministry of Economics and Engineering
  6. Ministry of International Affairs and Communications
  7. Ministry of Family and Community Action
  8. Ministry of Arts and Culture
  9. Ministry of Health
  10. Ministry of Jural Societies
  11. Ministry of Births, Deaths and Forensics
  12. Ministry of Education and Philosophy

Government Website

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