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The Aboriginal Republic of North America

Our current National Chief is Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Ali Muhammad.

The Xi-Amaru Government was created to address the political identity crisis among the so called African American. Until a person has a lawful identity they do not exist in law. African American or Black as an identity is a fiction of law, this is why as a whole this group of people has continue to experience genocide and denationalization without the ability to take lawful remedies, until now.  

The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA) aka the Xi-Amaru Indigenous Government is the first Indigenous Government to create lawful remedies for this group of people to reclaim their indigenous identity. 

The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA) aka Xi-Amaru Government is an Indigenous government that serves the first nation Indigenous Peoples of North America. This group of people have reclaimed their identity and now identify as the “xi tribe” or the “Xi-Amaru tribe”. ARNA Is the first indigenous government created to address the so called African American political identity.

Base on history we can confirm that for a fact although some individuals are descendent of “Africa”, the majority of our people were in the Americas before the slave trade occurred.

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A.R.N.A is composed of an Aboriginal Government specifically on the continent of Amaxum [North America] 8 Aboriginal Regions that comprise our Indigenous Government. All of the 8 Regions comprise the original klans/tribes that are the oldest Indigenous peoples on the North American Continent. This fact is based on a prolonged study of ARNA anthropologists studying the ancient epigraphy, glyphs, oral traditions, and cultures of the Aboriginal Black peoples of Ancient North America.

The tribal members are referred to as Nationals or ARNA Nationals. Their physical features; melanated skin, coily (misnomer nappy) hair, broad nose, and full lips. 

To be eligible to join the tribe one must complete a genealogy background check to confirm lineage. People of other landmasses are also eligible to join through marriage if they are original people. 

In the case of not being of lineage ARNA has a subsidiary government known as the Indigenous Political Authority (IPA).The IPA was created by the Jurist Council of the Aboriginal Republic of North America with Dr Amaru Namaa Taga Xi Ali Muhammad as the lead jurist. It was created to address the issues of those who are not of lineage but have experience some form of denationalization and currently reside in Amaxum also known as United States of America. People who are also eligible to join the IPA are also for those who conduct themselves under a different code from ARNA Constitution, but still want their rights protected. The fees are the same as they would be to join ARNA.

FORMAL Recognition as an Aboriginal Nation

There is no birth date for the Aboriginal People. We have been here on this planet for eons of time. Our governments have  existed for eons of time. The invasion colonization and expansion of non-aboriginal people brought about the slow decay of  the governmental infrastructures of Aboriginal Nations. We consider these acts, which cause the loss of the political status of Indigenous Peoples a holocaust carried out by genocide and denationalization. The 20th Century brought about a change in  the colonization phase as many Aboriginal Nations began to reclaim their Political Autonomy. As Aboriginal Peoples and  specifically as Aboriginals (Xi-Amaru) we have the oldest record of participating in Nation State Governments as Aboriginal  Peoples in this geographic area.

The Plebiscite of the Aboriginal Republic Of North America ARNA was formally recognized by the United States Department  of State on March 6th 2006. We received the formal witnessing signature of the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice  [Executive Branch] and the witnessing seal of the United States federal Government [form 06013144-1] based on Article 4 [Authentication] & Article 6 [Supremacy Clause] of the United States Constitution, both Articles being based on International  Law in full accordance with CFR 22 131.1 & 131.2 and in accordance with USC 4 Section 42.

On January 12th 2006 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania formally recognized our plebiscite with the witnessing signature of the Secretary of State Pedro A. Cortes [Executive Branch] and the witnessing seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  [form 200601853].

On December 29th 2005 Philadelphia County (Shaykhamaxum – one ancient seat of our Nation) formally recognized our plebiscite with the witnessing signature of Prothonotary Stanley J. Chmielewski and the witnessing seal of Philadelphia  County [form 96-07025], along with official witness made by Patricia Franklin witnessing the seal and signature of Chief  Executive Minister Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Ali also known as Dr. Abdul-Ali Muhammad.

By the above noticing actions, the plebiscite for returning the political identity of Indigenous Nationals of the Aboriginal  Republic Of North America and the Aboriginal Republic of North America became formally recognized [by all levels of  government in respect to the United States] from their historical headquarters Shaykamaxum now called Philadelphia County  and the headquarters for an International Aboriginal Association of Indigenous People was formally established by our  actions of reforming our Indigenous governmental system.

AMENDMENT: In all prior Protocol Manuals, documents, and other instruments of our nation, the use of the term  “International Indigenous Society & Internal Society of Indigenous Sovereigns has herein been amended to  “Indigenous Political Authority”.

Regional Jurisdiction

Corporate Jurisdictions – States of: Maine Inc., New Hampshire Inc., Massachusetts Inc., Rhode Island Inc., Vermont
Inc., New York Inc., Connecticut Inc., Pennsylvania Inc., New Jersey Inc., Delaware Inc.

Corporate Jurisdictions – States of Maryland Inc., Virginia Inc., West Virginia Inc., North Carolina Inc.

Corporate Jurisdictions: States of – South Carolina Inc., Georgia Inc

Corporate Jurisdictions – States of – Kansas Inc., Nebraska Inc., Colorado Inc., South Dakota Inc., North Dakota Inc.,
Wyoming Inc., Montana Inc.

Corporate Jurisdictions: States of – Tennessee Inc., Ohio Inc., Kentucky Inc., Michigan Inc., Indiana Inc, Wisconsin
Inc., Illinois Inc., Missouri Inc., Iowa Inc., Minnesota Inc.,

Corporate Jurisdiction – States of – Texas Inc., Arkansas Inc., Oklahoma Inc.,

Corporate Jurisdictions – States of – New Mexico Inc., California Inc., Arizona Inc., Utah Inc., Nevada Inc., Idaho Inc.,
Oregon Inc., Washington Inc.

The Aboriginal Republic of North America Governing Ministerial Councils

The Aboriginal Republic of North America consists of 12 Ministerial Governing Ministerial Councils that service all aspects of governance for ‘A.R.N.A.’.

12 Ministerial Councils
  1. Executive Ministry- CEM of International Association
  2. Ministry of New Age Technology and Science
  3. Ministry of Cosmology –Spirituality
  4. Ministry of Defense & Intelligence
  5. Ministry of Economics and Engineering
  6. Ministry of International Affairs and Communications
  7. Ministry of Family and Community Action
  8. Ministry of Arts and Culture
  9. Ministry of Health
  10. Ministry of Jural Societies
  11. Ministry of Births, Deaths and Forensics
  12. Ministry of Education and Philosophy

Did your family experience genocide and denationalization in America?

You may be eligible to join the ARNA if you answered yes to the above question. All individuals whose parents were not apart of ARNA when they were born must complete a genealogy background check to confirm eligibility to prevent delays in the nationalizing process. Genealogy background check is a separate non-refundable fee.  We highly recommended individuals to complete the genealogy background check to confirm eligibility before making the investment to initiate the nationalizing process

The background check questionnaire is a simple process that takes no more than 5-7 mins to complete. Results are released during consultation or within 5-10 business days. A certificate will be issued  with positive results if you are of lineage.

Interested in joining ARNA?

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