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The Aboriginal Republic of North America aka Xi-Amaru Tribal Government is the misnomer "Black" people government. 


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Child under the age of 5?

National(s) who are parent(s) of a child under the age of 5 years old, can now report the birth of the child

This does not replace the nationalizing process. Publication can take up to 35 days. Once complete confirmation will be emailed and documents shipped.

Registration Process:

Fee is non-refundable $35. This process includes publication on our "Birth Announcement" Page, genealogy certificate and issue of formal baptismal record as being a national of ARNA aka the Xi-Amaru Government. Parent nationality must be confirm before publication is done. Access to form to submit information will be provided after payment is submitted. Requirements: 1) At least one parent must be a national of ARNA. 2) Child must be under the age of 5.
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Aboriginals babies births will be published on the website

Join the first Indigenous Government made for Aboriginal People in the landmass known as North America

Become a member of the Xi-Amaru tribe

The first step to join ARNA is confirming lineage
Apply for a genealogy background check to know if you are eligible to join the indigenous government ARNA.
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Need to initiate nationalizing service for an adult?

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What is ARNA?

The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA) aka the Xi-Amaru Indigenous Government is the first Indigenous Government to create lawful remedies for this group of people to reclaim their indigenous identity. 

The Aboriginal Republic of North America (ARNA) aka Xi-Amaru Government is an Indigenous government that serves the first nation Indigenous Peoples of North America. This group of people have reclaimed their identity and now identify as the “xi tribe” or the “Xi-Amaru tribe”. ARNA Is the first indigenous government created to address the so called African American political identity. We at Indigenous of the North is the top law firm under the authority of ARNA providing government services.

Political Identity 

• Aboriginal American/US Nationals or Indigenous American
• Our descent is that we are of Moorish Descent
• Specifically our Klan name is Xi-Amaru (Amaru or its variants is the origin of our use of Moor).

The nationalizing process is the official way for misnomer African Americans and their spouse (if from another country and would be considered original people misnomer “black”) way to lawfully become nationals of the Xi-Amaru Tribal Government. This process is for this group of people to go about regaining a nationality in society.

In some cases an individual may be of lineage but still choose to simply opt out from becoming a national of ARNA to conduct themselves under a different code from ARNA constitution. These people are still lawfully entailed to not be discriminated against as stated in the IPA (Indigenous Political Authority) Constitution, and can have their rights protected under the IPA. Additionally individuals who are not of lineage but have experience some form of genocide and denationalization may also be eligible to join the IPA CLICK HERE to learn more.

About the nationalizing process for children

Processing timeframe is standard 6 weeks. Option to expedite service is available when completing payment.e

Nationalizing Service (child)

What is included?


– ARNA National Intake (registration) – ARNA Nationalizing Documents Package (individual will be responsible to prepare documents themselves, notary service not included). – ARNA Tribal Credential (Membership ID). ***OPTIONAL Certified Jurist assistance (Document preparation, ARNA notary, free follow up consultation once package is received) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **

The nationalizing process is a major life events for aboriginal people to remedy the genocide and denationalization this group as experience. The process is for adults and children. Once process is complete individuals would be considered Aboriginal or Indigenous American National of ARNA. People who join are Tribal members of the Xi-Amaru tribe also known as the Xi-tribe. People a part of ARNA are lawfully dual nationals between ARNA and the United States of America.

The current fee for child is $180; it covers the service fee, documents to complete yourself (not including any notary services), and tribal credential (member ID). One has the option to hire a certified jurist consultant to assist from start to finish for preparation and ARNA notary service; fee is $220. Hiring a jurist brings the final price to $400, because of the stress and time consuming it can be doing it oneself most people prefer hiring a certified jurist, but it all comes down to each individual personal preference. e

Follow instruction to prevent delays


Once payment is received within 48hrs Welcome email will be sent with step by step instructions. Throughout this process the welcome email will included all the important information one needs for this process to transition smoothly. Each individual is responsible to complete steps 1-4 (See below; step 3 is not applicable for children under the age of 15) to prevent delays with processing timeframe.  Exam will be base on the “Introduction to Indigenous Nationality” and ARNA Constitution CLICK HERE to read constitution. Completing the “National Nationality Examination - Version 0.0” a grade of 80% or Higher passing score is required before registration form will be accepted. Once exam results have been graded and reviewed for passing score the next step will be initiated. Processing Time is initiated 1 business day after registration is submitted. Jurist will contact you within 1-3 business days. After a jurist has been assigned to unless the jurist request additional information from you mo action is needed until you receive nationality documents. Example: Let's assume it is Friday and you submit your registration form an hour ago. Processing countdown to the 6 weeks will start on Monday.

Step by Step Process

  • Complete genealogy background check to confirm lineage and eligibility to join ARNA. If you need to complete background check  Click Here
  • Make payment to initiate the process
  • Pass nationalizing Exam. Access to exam and registration form will be provided in welcome email.  (not applicable to children under the age of 15)
  • Complete nationalizing registration form. Form should be submitted no later than 90 days from date of passed exam. If dateline is not met you will have to pay filing fee of $75 to request extension. Only two extension will be granted. If deadline is missed after second request of extension default cancellation of request will be mailed. Although there is a deadline we want each individual to take the appropriate time to choose a name for themselves and business.
  • A certified jurist will be assigned to your case 1-3 business days from date you submit your registration form. Jurist will reach out to introduce themselves and provide you with direct contact information for you to reach them for the duration of the process. Documents will be prepared. In the case one hasn’t paid for assistance, only documents that will be completed is business registration, tribal credentials and genealogy certificate, the rest of the documents will be blank. Individual that opts out from hiring a jurist will be responsible to prepare documents and contact us or another trusted law firm or jurist to provide notary service (additional fees will apply).
  • IF APPLICABLE  A certified Jurist from our team will provide ARNA Notary Service
  • A team member does a final review and evaluation of documents
  • ID are created
  • The package is mailed to you
  • IF APPLICABLE Once you receive your package you can set up a FREE follow-up consultation to go over the documents with a jurist.
  • IF APPLICABLE  Sign documents 
  • Take documents in other folder to get signed by public notary in your area.
  • Once signing of all documents are completed scan all documents together then filing with Record Department.

What to expect?

Hiring a Certified Jurist Consultant: Hiring a jurist is highly recommended for the purpose of having a support system throughout this important process. Having someone in place to contact not only during the process but once you receive your documents can make the transition into becoming a ARNA National a lot smoother.

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Without Add on– All documents will be mailed or emailed to you for completion within processing time of 3 – 6 weeks. Only fill out the documents that apply to you. Each individual is responsible to prepare their documents and locate a jurist or law firm to notarize their documents. We can be used for notary services Click Here 

In the case one decides after receiving their documents that they would prefere to pay the additional fee ($300) to have one of our team member assist with the document preparation and ARNA notary service you can call us or email us at contact@indigenousofthenorth.com 


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