ARNA IDs Renewal


This is for Member and Exemption IDs

ARNA Tribal IDs can be used to identify oneself and is also a way to show your tribal connection with ARNA. You must be a National and up to date with your dues with ARNA to receive tribal ID credentials.

Read information in description below

Processing Time * 

The length of time between when you place an order and when we ship your order.

ONLY for Renewal or Replacement of lost or damaged tribal IDs. If you recently nationalize through our website, your tribal IDs are included and will be mailed to you after verification of information on ID form. No additional action is needed at this time.

Upon renewal it is protocol that both IDs be purchased at the same time. Only request one form of ID if you lost or damaged your current ID. Expiration date would remain the same.

Tribal Member ID are for ARNA Nationals (age limit does not apply).

Tribal Tax Exemption ID are for ARNA Nationals (Not for children under the age of 16 years, only in special cases age limit does not apply).

Renewal cards can be issue up to 90 days before expiration.


  1. Select this option type if you need both IDs due to expiration or if current cards are lost or damaged.
  2. Select one of the “EXPRESS” Option in Processing Options if you wish for license(s) to be processed in a timely manner. Additional cost will apply
  3. Place Order.
  4. Fill out ID required form (Form will be emailed to you to complete after purchase has been made).
  5. You will be contacted via your preferred preference (email or call) within 1-3 business days to verify information provided.
  6. Once information is verified, and verification of good standing in ARNA is confirmed, the following step is processing; if express processing or super express processing is not selected your card(s) will be processed within regular processing time. (DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH SHIPPING TIME FRAME).
  7. Final step is mailing of ID(s).



Additional information: Verification of good standing is required through ARNA. Due to this fact we cannot control time frame of verification process. Once good standing is confirmed you will receive update email informing you that verification was complete, and your card(s) will begin processing.

Cards can only be issued to those current on their Constitutional Dues with ARNA. Tribal IDs expire after 4 years from issued date.



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